Correctional Facilities

Gym activity is an important part of the routine at most correctional facilities, helping to control inmates, keep populations healthy, and improve both individual and collective morale.

As you might expect, though, maintaining gym equipment in correctional facilities is no easy task, given the workouts that equipment gets! It helps, of course, if the gym equipment is ours – built tough, built to customer specs, and built to last as only Performance Sports Systems can.

Over the years, correctional facilities have engaged us not only to provide quality gym equipment but also to assist with new gym or gym remodeling design and construction as well as maintenance.

We offer correctional facilities …
  • trained and experienced local gym equipment representatives
  • trained and certified installers
  • design consultation
  • service consultation
  • a Certified Service Program
  • and 100% product satisfaction!

If you’d like more information on our gym products and services for correctional facilities, contact Performance Sports Systems.